Against The Tide

“Industrialization has changed the way we live and over-population and commercialization has caused many of us to lose sight of delicate eco-systems that support all life. Bishop’s work in the exhibition Against the Tide uses the vehicle of water, a vital source of life, to poetically explore local and global environments, connections between humans and non humans, migration, and the delicate balance of existence in a commercially driven world. Water is the obvious theme in Against the Tide and Bishop’s personal and artistic world is full of water. While in Brazil, she camped out in the igapos or flooded forests, which are ecologically similar to the bayous and swamps of Louisiana where she lives. Much of what she has observed in nature has been by boat.”

The Re-enchantment of Art: Jacqueline Bishop’s Imaginary Landscapes
Dr. Laura Amrhein
Associate Professor of Art History
University of Arkansas at Little Rock