Em Memoria Chico Mendes: A Tribute on the Ten Year Anniversary of His Death

“Despite the media’s waning interest in Chico Mendes since his 1988 assassination, there still exists a passionate understanding for him and his intentions.”
Jacqueline Bishop

“This extraordinary work is above all a book of Bishop’s paintings and an expression of her marvelously creative ecological imagination. In Bishop’s works, the rainforest speaks to us. They [paintings] testify to the infinite and sacred beauty that lie within the forest, and they express the agony of loss, of death and destruction. Her genius is to compress into single, overpowering, complex images the tragic, unfolding story of an enchanted garden of earthly delights transformed by human ingenuity and human greed into a terrifying landscape of destruction.”
John Clark PhD
Loyola University, New Orleans
New Orleans Review 24, 3-4, Winter, 1998

Text, photos, and paintings by the author. Contributions by Wade Davis, Jonathan Maslow, Maria Jose Bezerra, Ilzamar Mendes and fellow rubber tappers.

In English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Lavender Inc. Publishers of Fine Art and Literature, New Orleans
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